• "IoT needs Long Range"
  • "tINFINET provides the Hub and Nodes"

Long Range is the key

We think, Long Range IoT solutions are the key factor for IoT. Imagine: you can roll out your own your own IoT network, city wide or covering rural areas over miles. Smart Farming will be possible.


Long Range is based on the license free use of ISM bands, world-wide, even they differ on the frequency range used (we provide for all regions). We help you with the certified solutions for your needs. Bridging the Short Range solutions such as BLE and WiFi and to have access to nodes miles away is our core competency: Long Range and tINFIHUB in order to access tINFINODEs. Extend BLE or WiFi connections in a seamless way: Bridge The Distance.

Long Range IoT Networking

BLE and Long Range
Sensor Nodes

Meshed and Swarm Networking