• "IoT with a Low Power and Long Range"
  • "Options for GPS, BLE, WiFi and Energy Harvesting"

Complete IoT Solutions

We develop IoT wireless networking solutions and modules. Based on state-of-the-art ICs with carefully designed performance improvements we support you for Short and Long Range sensor applications and networking. Our embedded system firmware is based on ACOBS, an ACtive OBjectS, event driven, deterministic Run Time System.


In order the extend the coverage of IoT networks - we use Long Range ISM solutions to connect Sensor Nodes miles away. Our tINFINODEs can be connected from smartphones via USB OTG, BLE or even WiFi. We support the world-wide ISM band license free RF communication. We provide the Mobile Applications as Android and iOS Apps as well as the Cloud Computing, e.g. for M2M or Smart Grid. tINFIHUB is your Gateway from Short Range to Long Range links: Do not care technologies - we do for you.

Long Range IoT Networking

BLE and Long Range
Sensor Nodes

Meshed and Swarm Networking