• "Self-Organizing Ad-Hoc networks"
  • "Swarm Intelligence without a dedicated hub"

Swarm Networking

IoT Networks with Swarm Intelligence. Your IoT network will organize itself. There is not a central, dedicated tINFIHUB needed. The network will figure out itself where the access to the Cloud Computing will be available.


Our ACOBS Run Time System (RTS) accompanied with Swarm Networking protocol layers (SN) let your network configure itself. Ad-Hoc networks, self-organizing meshed network structures, Hop-by-Hop communication as well as Over The Air Feature Update (OTAFU) helps you to roll-out new applications and services. Just drop several tINFINODEs in your city and let it configure itself, let it update the network structure - you get city wide coverage with your own private IoT Network. Even your nodes are moving, e.g. installed in cars or harvesters: Dynamic is our strength.

Long Range IoT Networking

BLE and Long Range
Sensor Nodes