• "Long Range by Diversity"
  • "Long Range by Diversity"

MeshedPi - Diversity

Diversity means: receive the signal with separate antennas, several times in parallel. The signal will be combined or the receiver can decide which signal is the most correct one. It improves reception to due dealing with spatial fading. Diversity is well known for weak signal reception, or MIMO systems.
Receiver Diversity will extend the distance even more, at least by factor two, just by selecting or combining multi-path received signals.
MeshedPi support Diversity Reception by selecting results from 1 of 4 modules with separated antennas. You can also imagine to use directed antennas. So, you can have antenna gain, one antenna just receiving signals from one sector (east, west, north or south). Such signal will be much stronger and increase the range dramatically (a 6dB antenna gain, e.g. via directed Yagi antennas, will double the distance).
But even using omni-directional rubber duck antennas will increase the distance, remarkable.