• "Find nodes in network"
  • "Nodes do not need GPS"

MeshedPi - Localization

What about if we will have Long Range sensor nodes in network, but so tiny and optimized for low power consumption, not having their own GPS localization sensor?
Or the sensor nodes are located inside a building but due to Sub-GHz Long Range possible to have reception there, but not GPS?
We can find any other nodes via the MeshedPi. This one has directed antennas (segments, in all four directions: east, west, south and north), as well as GPS localization for their own position. If three or more MeshedPi nodes will cooperate and share information - also via Long Range links - they can do triangulation, share the RSSI signal strength value for a particular node. So, they can figure out where all the other small nodes are located, e.g. tINFINODEs randomly spread in the wireless Long Range network.
This information will be used by the IoT Long Range Swarm Network in order to discover the current network topology, able to follow automatically dynamic changes (nodes entering or leaving the meshed network) and to decide which route messages should take.