• "tINFIHUB"
  • "tINFINET hardware platform"

Long Range IoT for infinite applications

We work on all the HW and SW components for your Long Range IoT Solution:

  • Long Range module with improved sensitivity, e.g. ext. LNA
  • onboard sensor, accelerometer
  • BLE wireless remote control and gateway
  • lowest power MCU
  • USB UART, e.g. Android host via USB OTG
  • add sensor module, GPS and/or WiFi
  • connectors for Energy Harvesting, e.g. solar panel

We provide a complete system with:

  • Long Range IoT frontend and main board - tINFINODE
  • BLE, WiFi bridge and gateway - tINFIHUB
  • QuadLora, e.g. as MeshedPi IoT Hub and Gateway
  • Open Interface to your Cloud Computing - tINFICLOUD
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS - tINFIAPP
  • BLE based sensor node with seamless integration for Long Range - tINFIBLUE
  • lowest power consumption - Lowest Power MCU and FW
  • improved distance and coverage - highest receiver sensitivity
  • ACOBS Real Time System (RTS) and Swarm Networking (SN)- ACOBS SN
  • system integration and applications for IoT Long Range Swarm Networking

We invite you to join us, to share the passion and to help to develop software and Apps.
Here is a document with requirements for the next SW/App we are working on.