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Raspberry Pi (B+ or 2) for IoT Long Range Swarm Networking
FOUR Long Range modules on an extension board - extend your IoT network.
And it gives you infinite options based on software applications - please, check it out. (as PDF)

We invite you to join us, to share the passion and to help to develop software and Apps.
Here is a document with requirements for the next SW/App we are working on.


Directed antennas, gain - get a better signal - transmitters miles away. Receive via segments - no noise due to omni-directional reception.


Receive a signal on one segment, rebuild and retransmit to another segment - extend the range by many more miles via repeater(s).

Hub (Gateway)

Drop your MeshedPi with WiFi where ever you want - the network will figure out where it can accesss the Internet, can go to your Cloud.


Bluetooth LE is just Short Range, not over miles? Bridge BLE via Long Range, hop-by-hop and use as regular BLE. See your BLE node miles away: transparent BLE extension.


Just THREE MeshedPi and you cover your home town. Use these three with triangulation in order to find the position of any other node, even not having a GPS sensor.

City Coverage

Few MeshedPi to cover the city, levels in building, entire ranch. Your private wireless IoT sensor network: drop MeshedPi where possible, use Swarm Networking.

Miles of distance - not a problem.