• "tINFINODE Field Test"
  • "tINFINODE Field Test"

Long Range IoT - Field Test

We have performed a field test: impressive: reception in another building and long distance with strong signal, even the transmitter was located inside building, behind a gold plated window ...

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Wireless Bluetooth LE connection between tINFINODE and smartphone, used as wireless display, record GPS location and results via tINFIUART on Android


  • Transmitter indoor, behind gold plated window, 2nd level
  • Tx power: 20 dBm, assuming just 10 dBm outside window
  • Rx with SX1276, BLE module as RF transmitter on receiver module (optimized to avoid interference)
  • Omni-directional antennas, each with 3 dB gain


  • reception in entire building, including 1st level, hallways and stairways
  • reception outdoor on oposite site of building, signal passing entire building
  • reception inside another building, 1st level, approx. 150m away from each other
  • reception outdoor with half a mile (650m) without Line of Sight (LOS), other buildings blocking direct path


  • impressive signal reception inside entire building, also outside with signal through entire building to oposite side
  • covering entire campus (900m) with one indoor transmitter, without LOS
  • assuming outdoor transmitter - we will have really several miles of coverage, even without LOS
tINFINET Coverage Test tINFINET Coverage Test
tINFINET Coverage Test tINFINET Coverage Test
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